Branded Entertainment: Tell your brand's story with a cinematic short film.

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Mission Statement

We are Rise and Shine Films

We make films and series that captivate your audience and tell your story. As a full service production company we take your film project from original idea through writing and development to production and post production. Our dedicated core team is based in Bern, Switzerland and we collaborate with talents and freelancers from all over the world.

We apply our expertise in advertising and narrative filmmaking by specializing exclusively in Branded Entertainment Production.


What is Branded Entertainment?

Branded Entertainment is a narrative film or series that engages your audience while transporting your brand’s story and style.

That's what we do.


To make things easier we have put together a few rules


Our Team

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Philipp Andonie

First in the writing room, then on the film set it self and finally in the editing room, as creative director Philipp makes sure that everybody works towards the same vision and the production wraps up with a compelling story well told. Drawing on years of experience as director and editor, he is in charge of Rise and Shine Films content from concept to finished film. Imaginative power and creativity combined with a deep understanding of the craft and the ability of quick thinking, he sets the course and leads the crew into the adventure of making movies.

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Manuel IMboden

As our Man for tech and numbers, Manuel is a steady source of order and structure in this creative bunch. Tech-savvy and always aware of the latest advances in gear and apps, he navigates the company and our clients through the jungle of innovation our modern times present. His own creative capability shines every time he is in charge of the camera work on our film sets. The balance of precision, diligence and aesthetic abilities that are required of him as art director, also translate perfectly to the business and managing aspects of running a production company and its projects.

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Sven brauchli

When not busy on his home turf in Zürich or on a set somewhere, Sven is Rise and Shine Films' very own colorist. With an unerring eye for aesthetics and the skills to translate them to the screen, he makes sure that the images always exactly have the look and feel they need. Besides giving our films the final touch, he supports Rise and Shine Films with his even keeled, uplifting spirit. In combination with his knowledge and connections to Switzerland's own little big Apple (Zürich), Sven is an invaluable part of our team.

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Jacqueline Passos

Jacky is the voice of Rise and Shine Films, as she is in charge of the operation's entire PR and marketing strategy. With her state-of-the-art expertise in social media and content marketing, as well as a charismatic and open approach to no matter what kind of communication, she makes sure to get our message out there. From dealing with the press or film festivals, to conversing with trolls on Twitter or Facebook, she makes sure our projects make some waves. If you have ever heard about us, it’s probably because of her.

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Our Clients