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«The unparalleled story of Herr Vogel» achieves things differently than conventional advertising. Conceived and realized as a web series for comparis.ch, the four episodes do not aim to put a product or service in the center of the plot. Even before the setting of the services provided by comparis, this series has but one objective: to provide memorable entertainment. We call this approach «Branded Entertainment» and see it as the future of authentic advertising.



The interactive branded entertainment campaign was developed in collaboration with comparis.ch and the digital Creative Agency Campfire. The four episodes from the first season tell a story that supports the brand Comparis in regards to content and style. In an entertaining tale, the quite awkward main character «Herr Vogel» takes on several topics, situations and emotions during his incomparable daily-life adventure that clients can relate to. Advantages of the Comparis offerings are conveyed in a subtle way: thrilling and humorous situations tell the audience that sometimes it is indeed worth it to compare between different daily-life offers.



The stories are honest, humorous and interactive. The stories don't just create relevance for Comparis' target audience, they also involve them straight into the plot. The viewers themselves can decide how the first episode ends and, via video voting, how the rest of the four-part comedy web series continues.

Comparis Herr Vogel User Choice

Lean production for an ambitious project

The prerequisite for this ambitious Comparis campaign was an agile and efficient production: in addition to the interactive episodes in German and French, twelve micro ad clips were also produced. They provide yearlong advertising for Comparis offers that were lesser known until today.


Micro ad clips


It mattered to us to create an atmosphere on set, in which we could shoot the planned scenes in a concentrated and efficient manner. This allowed us to keep the otherwise costly resources for managing a big production within a slimmer framework. A compact crew consisting of a cameraman, sound engineer and director was only selectively supplemented by further crew members (such as camera assistants or make-up artists), as required by the storyline or technical infrastructure. Otherwise we approached the project with an almost documentary-style production, so to create as intimate and relaxed an atmosphere as possible, in which the actors could find complete expression.

We managed to always adhere to our ambitious shooting schedule. This was only made possible thanks to the amazing collaboration with seasoned and new freelancers from our pool and the excellent cast.





Filmmaking doesn't have to be endlessly complicated. The quality of manual work lays the foundation for the really central components: the story and its protagonists. Even the best camera work can't make up for any missing chemistry between actors or bad storytelling. The film does flicker across the silver screen, but it starts to live in the viewer's mind.

In the future, it will become increasingly important for brands to tell a fascinating story, in order to not only reach their target audience, but also to inspire through interaction, thus strengthening the image of the brand. Therefore, the following holds true also in this case: Story is King!


Here you can view the episodes of «The unparalleled story of Herr Vogel» :

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