pharmaSuisse goes for Branded Entertainment


For the current pharmaSuisse campaign, we are producing 4 comic pharmacy sketches.
Really stoked about it, because it will be fun!


Pharmacies are much more than drug reference points: they are networked basic providers, health promoters and, last but not least, employers. In its campaign 2018-2020, pharmaSuisse focuses on the pharmacy team and its services and competences. For the first time they placed their trust in a branded entertainment production with us.

| starting position

Branded entertainment, we find an insanely cool idea. We can tell stories and we do it with humor. Telling stories with humor triggers emotions. And emotions, as we know, remain with people.
— Tom Glanzmann, Head of Communication pharmaSuisse

The aim of the campaign is to position pharmacies among the Swiss population as the first point of contact for health issues and to positively promote the image of pharmacists. As part of the communication measures and for the primary evaluation on social media, four one-minute sketches will be produced. The crisp, short films take up the questions in the poster subjects and stage them in a humorous way as comedic anecdotes from everyday pharmacy life.

| The core of Branded Entertainment


Source: obs/pharmaSuisse - Schweizerischer Apotheker Verband / Société suisse des Pharmaciens

The core statements of the campaign are integrated into the film plot around a corresponding service or topic and lead to a crisp claim at the end. The humour of the individual actions plays skillfully and refreshingly self-ironically with common prejudices, stereotypes and bizarre situations from everyday pharmacy life.

Comedy and pharmacies - a perfect fit!

| Because laughing is healthy!

In the pharmacy you have quirky situations on the go. What we show in the sketches is a bit more exaggerated, but that happens in everyday life. As pharmacy staff you have to have a good sense of humour.
— Stephanie Balliana, Deputy Head of Communication pharmaSuisse

Three sketches will be produced in German and one in French with corresponding subtitling for playout in the three language regions DE, FR, IT.


The films will be shown on their social media channels from mid-June 2018 and in a second wave in April 2019 and can be seen on the campaign websites and as well.

The cooperation was very relaxed right from the start. It’s very inspiring for us, because you don’t have such film projects every day. It’s highly professional and yet you meet on a good level. A great team!
— Stephanie Balliana, Deputy Head of Communication pharmaSuisse

Behind The Scenes

We thank the humorous client pharmaSuisse, the talented cast, the great crew and the Neue Apotheke Muri for very funny shooting days!