A Series about Cyber Security.


We are in the early development stages of the gripping thriller series digital/native. We can’t share much about the story right now but here’s a quick FAQ:

Q: What is digital/native about?
A: It’s a thriller series with the strong female lead, a white hat hacker called Farah, tackling various aspects of cyber security topics and threats in her private and professional life.

Q: Who are you developing this for?
A: We wrote the series with insurance, IT and Security companies in mind which are brave enough to foster awareness and provide information on cyber security topics through an entertaining format.

Q: What format is this going to be in?
A: Definitively serial – we are aiming for a mini series of 6 interactive episodes with a runtime of 5-10 minutes each.

Q: Why are you approaching this topic?
A: Threats such as cyberstalking, cybermobbing, phishing, data / identity theft due to weak passwords and insufficient security measures are happening every day. To catch their customer’s and also employee’s attention for this kind of threats and provide information on how to protect themselves is not ease for IT companies and other companies in general. Let’s be frank, cyber security is not the most exciting topic, yet. This is something we want to change.

Q: Who are your partners in this project?
A: We’re actively looking for a brave company and their marketing department or their agencies to embark in this enticing digital endeavour together.

Q: Where can I learn more?
A: If you are interested in our idea and would like to get our one-pager with details , drop us a line: