Schlossgeist von Ueberstorf

For the picturesque hotel and restaurant Schloss Ueberstorf we dealt with the history of the old walls and staged an interview with the longest-serving employee; the in-house castle ghost Theodor Sebastian von Englisberg.


The client's wish: It should not be an ordinary commercial. Through a entertaining and well told story the audience should get an impression of the picturesque rooms in and around the castle, learn about the wide range, the excellent service and the excellent cuisine and finally get a feeling for the uncomplicated, familiar and open attitude of the company and the people behind it.

I am very satisfied with the result! The interview reflects the history and character of the castle in an entertaining way.
— Rosmarie Furer, Managing Director Castle Ueberstorf.

On the specially created landing page for the interview, the castle ghost reveals more about himself and also presents his booking recommendations. The campaign is accompanied by an evaluation primarily via social media, integration in newsletters and the Fribourg Tourism website and other on-site measures.

The 3 smooth shooting days would not have been possible without the characterful cast, the great crew and the hospitality and trust of Rosmarie Furer and the staff of Schloss Ueberstorf - thank you very much!


Leads: Manfred Liechti

Client: Hotel Restaurant Schloss Ueberstorf

Services provided: Development, Production, Post