Branded Entertainment: Tell your brand's story with a cinematic short film.

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1. What the heck is Branded Entertainment?

It’s an exciting time in the media and marketing industries. People no longer want to be interrupted by ads. Brands are losing their power to talk to and connect with their audiences. But one thing has not changed over time: People like to be entertained. The future of advertising will be facing the question of how the entertainment and marketing worlds can collaborate in innovative ways.
We believe the answer to this is Branded Entertainment.
To dig deeper on our views and intentions check out our Manifesto.

Instead of paying for and thus demanding people’s attention, brands will focus more on earning it by providing great content that they’re audiences crave to watch and care about.

We couldn’t agree more with what AnneLise Stahl, the Director of soft skills strategy for customer success at Salesforce, said at this years House of Beautiful Business:

“People want to be cared to, not sold to.”

We are filmmakers by heart and believe that with great storytelling you don’t simply tell your audience that something matters but why it does. Tell why it matters and you make people care.

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