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Freelancer Network

We rely on a large network of trusted freelancers for most of our productions. High quality standards, constant innovation, uncompromising reliability and the will and energy to not just get the job done, but doing the best work possible on every single production are at the core of our work ethic.

Are you a dedicated professional with experience working in the industry?

If you are interested in joining a dynamic and diverse team of creatives, fill out our Freelancer Network Form and we will get in touch as soon as there’s a production in the pipeline that fits your profile

Talent Pool

Are you an actor, voice actor, stunt performer, model, extra or agent?

Every project is different in scale and scope, so our approach to casting varies. If you want to get notified about casting opportunities via email, please fill out this form and we will send new casting calls your way.


Whenever we have an open position at our company, we will publish it here. Sign up below to get notified about new job openings, but please be aware that we are just graduating from being a startup company to becoming an established company – so we are not hiring very often.

Same goes for Internships: We only offer an internship, when there’s room for the intern to learn and grow. We don’t use internships as cheap labor pools – a practice that’s unfortunately very common in this industry. Se we rarely offer an internship, but when we do, we make sure it’s a great experience for the intern.