Don't be skipped, be binge-watched.


We support you at every step of your film project from finding an original idea through writing and development to production and post production.

Hire us as your full service production house or reliable partner for single parts of your film project.


Story Development

The core of every great story is an authentic but original idea or concept. We create such ideas for you and turn them into a well crafted, ready to shoot script, which is essential red thread everybody can follow on this adventure.

  • Ideating and Concept creation
  • Writing and Mentoring
  • Storytelling Lab


Making original content is always an adventure in itself. With over 200 productions under our belt we know that flawless preparation is key. We help you with our experience in planning, coordinating and on set services to ensure a smooth production.

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Full Service Production, from start to finish


In post production we shape the film into its final form with a collaborative and modern workflow. Creativity is paramount for crafting a well told film that meet the director's and our client's vision.

  • Editing
  • Color Grading and Mastering
  • Compositing and Motion Graphics



What is your message and how can you make people listen? We guide you through the storytelling process and help you find the right angle and format. Benefit from our expertise in film production and story development with thematic workshops or a longer-term partnership to create a solid base for your upcoming campaign.

  • Project consulting
  • Cost evaluation
  • Strategic planning