The Storytelling Lab

Your tool for telling powerful stories.

In our creative Storytelling Labs we guide you through the process of finding out what moving stories can do for your brand and how to look for them in your daily business.

They are called Labs because our tried and tested process is based on active collaboration, openness to experimentation and active participation. This is how we find a story that's fresh, different and right for your brand.

Put on your safety glasses and let's get started!


5 Tips to tell better stories right now!

Storytelling Tips.png

Download this quick guide to better storytelling and read it out loud five times every morning in front of the mirror… Hey, it’s a start.


Ready to step up your game even further? Our storytelling labs are the right tool to do so.

  • Find your core messages and matching stories to thrill your target audience?
  • Analyse and shape your existing ideas to bring them to the next level?
  • Challenge ideas and concepts to their very core, while testing their feasibility?

Storytelling Lab Basic

Find the stories your audience wants to listen to

  • Meet the basics elements of a compelling story, they are your new best friends now.
  • Divide and conquer! One story element after another we look for angles and ins to compelling stories, while mapping out the bigger picture, thus also making the epics visible to us.
  • Challenge the stories! Which of the found stories are your favorites and how well do they reflect your brand's core message?
  • Recap and Relax! What did we do / learn? Where do you take the ideas on from here? And would anybody else like a cold one?

This is what you get:

  • A simple yet powerful framework to find and tell compelling stories
  • A deep understanding of your core message and a couple of stories to convey it to your target audience
  • Some pragmatic pros an cons of the found stories to help you decide on your next steps
  • A nice cold beer to lean back and wind down with

Your investment:

  • 5 hours of your time
  • Lots and lots of your brain power (please come well rested)
  • Pricing: CHF 999.- for each lab session for up to 3 participants (additional participants up to a total of 8: CHF 399.- each).

Storytelling Lab Advanced

Go even further and define how to best tell your story

  • After going through the complete basic process we will take this big chunk of creative marble and carve out the best film idea possible for your brand.
  • Challenge the concept! Our producer with his 10+ years of experience will provide the no-nonsense reality check every film idea needs before it gets greenlit.
  • In a recap we map all existing and required resources for taking your project to the pole position and ready for the take off!

This is what you get:

  • An actionable Film Outline
  • A fitting budget to your idea
  • Pros an cons that help you reflect and process your endeavor before maming the next decicion
  • Celebratory Beer

Your investment:

  • 7-8 hours of your time
  • Even more of your brain power
  • Pricing: CHF 1299.- for each lab session for up to 3 participants (additional participants up to a total of 8: CHF 499.- each).

Any questions? Let's talk!